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Music Mecca - Half Year Review: Top 10 Rock Releases That Should Be On Your Radar
"With the introspective lyrical content and a mix of magnetic elements like sweeping acoustic guitar, raw percussion, both blazing and tranquil synthesizers, and an idiosyncratic vocal style, the band succeeds in creating a stand-out sonic experience that could only warrant number one."

Rock and Roll Globe  
““Bag of Blood,” the song is a quintessential taste of how Strange Parade roll, anchored by masterful songwriting that tips its hat to both Nick Cave and Jarvis Cocker.”  

American Pancake 
“It is just so immersive, so grand in its raw story telling. AND it is so fucking free of the current indie tropes that cheapen this kind of sonic storytelling.” 

Dusty Organ 
“With the group’s chemistry and mutual appreciation for various styles at the helm of their work, the band merge ’80s post-punk and art-rock with timeless psychedelic details” 

Music Mecca 
“an eclectic mixture of rock soundscapes ... the band has brought together musicians with extensive experiences in an array of genres” 

“The title track starts off a little bit country, with Cleary’s deadpan in total control, before building into a whirlygig of keys, dense guitar and lap steel. Americana-gaze? Think John Cale, or even Radar Brothers.” 



The Short Story

Strange Parade was formed by keyboardist, singer/songwriter Brian Cleary, former keyboardist and occasional co-songwriter for The Movies and Radar Brothers (Merge). Now locked in as a band, Strange Parade features long-time/former Brian Jonestown Massacre drummer Dan Allaire (Cass McCoombs, Darker My Love, BJM)  lap-steel/guitar wiz, Paul Lacques (I See Hawks in LA, Double Naught Spycar, The Bonedaddys) and bassist Ashley Berry.


Originally from Boston, Cleary co-formed co-formed The Movies (Gern Blandsten / Houston Party) in 1999. Cleary joined Radar Brothers in 2010, touring with them and co-writing songs for the album “Eight” (Merge, 2013). At this point, he also started writing songs for a new project, Strange Parade. The first album, “Between Us All” was released in 2018, featuring various lineups with members of Radar Brothers, Trans Am, Eels, and DNTEL. 


After finishing the debut, Cleary locked in the current line up with Paul Lacques, founding member of The Bonedaddys, Double Naught Spy Car, and I See Hawks In L.A. Lacques has 25 albums under his belt and has recorded and/or played with with Bo Diddley, Peter Case, Stan Ridgway, and Mike Watt. Drummer Dan Allaire played with Brian Jonestown Massacre for 15 years and also played with Cass McCoombs, and Darker My Love among others. The new lineup was rounded out by Ashley Berry, who had recently filled in on bass for a friend’s band.  Cleary saw them and was immediately won over by her playing.

Their second album, "The Watchers" was recorded mostly live by Lacques and mixed by David Trumfio (Hope Sandoval, Built to Spill, Waco Brothers). The album is due for release Spring, 2022.


Strange Parade currently perform around LA.
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