The album covers plenty of sonic ground, from the skronky keys in the ’80s-inspired “The Locker Room” to the swirling, amped-up folk of “Smoking Gun” to the fever-dream slo-core of “Storylines” to the mid-tempo indie-rocker of “Due Process” and its shimmering solo. “Between Us All” is a series of vignettes that documents Cleary’s varied influences, his distinct compositional skills and some of the places he’s been — and some where he’s still heading. Strange Parade’s second album is already in the works.” - Review of 1st LP, "Between Us All"

The Short Story

Strange Parade was formed by keyboardist, singer/songwriter Brian Cleary, former keyboardist and occasional co-songwriter for The Movies and Radar Brothers (Merge). Now locked in as a band, Strange Parade features long-time/former Brian Jonestown Massacre drummer Dan Allaire (Cass McCoombs, Darker My Love, BJM)  lap-steel/guitar wiz, Paul Lacques (I See Hawks in LA, Double Naught Spycar, The Bonedaddys) and bassist Ashley Berry.


Originally from Boston, Cleary co-formed co-formed The Movies (Gern Blandsten / Houston Party) in 1999. Cleary joined Radar Brothers in 2010, touring with them and co-writing songs for the album “Eight” (Merge, 2013), also diving deeper into his own songs and eventually forming Strange Parade, releasing the debut, “Between Us All” in 2018. The album was recorded with a rotating cast, featuring members of Radar Brothers, Trans Am, Eels, and DNTEL. 


After a 2 year stint in San Francisco, Cleary moved back to LA, finding the locked-in, current line up. Paul Lacques, engineer/producer of the band’s 2nd LP, was a founding member of The Bonedaddys, Double Naught Spy Car, and I See Hawks In L.A. He has 25 albums under his belt and has recorded and/or played with with Bo Diddley, Peter Case, Stan Ridgway, and Mike Watt. Dan Allaire played with Brian Jonestown Massacre, Cass McCoombs, and Darker My Love among others. Cleary met bassist Ashley Berry while she was filling in on bass in a friend’s band. She immediately blew the others away with her “innate sense of timing and finesse – the decision was made in about 10 minutes,” says Cleary. 


The second album was self-recorded, mixed by David Trumfio and mastered by David Pajo (digital) and Paul Dugre (Vinyl). The album is slated for release in 2021.  


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The Watchers (Live) - Song from upcoming LP