The album covers plenty of sonic ground, from the skronky keys in the ’80s-inspired “The Locker Room” to the swirling, amped-up folk of “Smoking Gun” to the fever-dream slo-core of “Storylines” to the mid-tempo indie-rocker of “Due Process” and its shimmering solo. “Between Us All” is a series of vignettes that documents Cleary’s varied influences, his distinct compositional skills and some of the places he’s been — and some where he’s still heading. Strange Parade’s second album is already in the works.” - Review of 1st LP, "Between Us All" - Kevin Bronson

The Short Story

Strange Parade was formed by keyboardist, singer/songwriter Brian Cleary, former keyboardist and occasional co-songwriter for The Movies and Radar Brothers (Merge).  

Originally from Boston, Cleary started teaching himself piano at the age of 5. His family moved to Florida where Cleary joined a new wave/punk band at age 14.  At the start of the 90’s, he moved back to Boston and by 1999, co-formed The Movies (Gern Blandsten / Houston Party Records). The band immediately moved to LA after recording the first album. Cleary following years later. They released 3 LPs and won LA Weekly’s “Best Rock/Pop Band” award in 2005, splitting up by early 2009. Shortly after the split, Cleary was asked to join Radar Brothers, co-writing songs on “Eight” (Merge, 2013) while diving deeper into writing and recording his own songs over the next several years. The debut album, “Between Us All,” is the result, featuring current or former members of Radar Brothers, Trans Am, Eels, DNTEL, Division Day and Morsel.  

Now locked in as a band, Strange Parade features long-time/former Brian Jonestown Massacre drummer Dan Allaire, lap-steel/guitar wiz, Paul Lacques (I See Hawks in LA, Double Naught Spycar) and bassist Ashley Berry.  Their sound is a swirling-but-driving psychedelic folk rock / post-punk / new wave hybrid with Lacques’ lapsteel twang and Cleary's keyboards flowing over Allaire and Berry's grooves. The songs are moody and cinematic, recalling early Roxy Music or John Cale at times, Neil Young or Lloyd Cole & The Commotions at others.


Strange Parade is not so much an attempt to 'reinvent' psychedelia, americana, or folk rock as an effort to broaden the scope of what defines them. At the same time, there's a more subtle aim toward the kind of originality and strangeness that drove a lot of post punk in the early 80s. The band currently play around LA and is now in mastering for a second LP in Highland Park.

Press Photos

The Watchers (Live) - Song from upcoming LP