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For Release October 4, 2019

STRANGE PARADE RELEASE DEBUT LP, “BETWEEN US ALL”  - CD Release Party October 4 at Highland Park Bowl 


"Between Us All" is the first album from Strange Parade, brainchild of innovative keyboardist and songwriter Brian Cleary, former keyboardist and co-songwriter of Radar Brothers (Merge) and The Movies (Houston Party / Gern Blandsten). The album, featuring members of Radar Brothers, Eels and Trans Am will be released October 4, 2019 with a CD release party at Highland Park Bowl in Los Angeles. The performance will feature his new lineup of the band, featuring members of Brian Jonestown Massacre, I See Hawks In L.A. and Double Naught Spy Car. 

Brian Cleary got into his first band, Locals Only by playing Neil Young’s “Cortez the Killer” on piano for the band’s guitarist — solos and all. Cleary, however, didn’t have a keyboard. And … he was only 12. The band held his spot until Cleary turned 14 and convinced his parents that he wouldn’t drop out of school and die young of a drug overdose. (He at least kept his word on the second part.) 

This was Florida’s ‘Space Coast.’ Cleary was a teen in a very decadent scene of 20-something surfers where drugs literally floated onto the beach. He spent the next 5 years playing keys for the band, surfing, hosting several radio shows at the local college station and immersing himself in the extremes and madness of the 24-hour party that was Melbourne Beach, FL at the time. Of course, it all came crashing down eventually.  

At the dawn of the 90’s, Cleary moved back to Boston where he’d go to college to study English Lit. At night he’d sneak into the school’s music rooms to communing with the grand pianos, re-developing his raw style into something distinctive. He eventually started playing out as ‘Very’ in 1998, a solo/experimental outing he still plays under.  

It was around this time he started playing with friends Timothy James and Jessica Gelt. In 1999, the three formed The Movies (Gern Blandsten, Houston Party) who would quickly move to LA, releasing three albums and winning LA Weekly’s “Best Rock Band” in 2005. Their song, “Creation Lake” was covered by Silversun Pickups 2005. Cleary played keys and co-wrote a handful of fan favorites for the Movies. They broke up in 2009.   

Soon after the break, Radar Brothers front man Jim Putnam snagged Movies drummer Stevie Treichel and Cleary for a new lineup of the Radars. Cleary co-wrote and played keys on Radars’ 2013 release, "Eight" (Merge). The LP got high critical praise and landed them  a few direct support tours with Modest Mouse, Teenage Fanclub and Overseas). Meanwhile, Cleary started recording his own songs with fellow Radars, Be Hussey and Putnam as well as Phil Manley (Trans Am, Terry Gross). 

For two tracks ('Under' and 'Smoking Gun'), Cleary brought in an early/short-lived lineup of the band featuring Derek Brown (Eels) on drums, Paul Larson (DNTEL, Datamaps, Strictly Ballroom) on guitar and Seb Bailey (Division Day) on bass. 

"Between Us All" was all tied together and mixed by another Radar alum, Ethan Walter. The songs run a gamut of subgenres, from the 80’s-like “The Locker Room” and “Under” to the shoegazey, slow-core psyche-folk of “Pause in Reception” and piano dream pop of "Between Us All." Moodier pieces fall somewhere between John Cale’s nicer side and Elton John’s angrier side – all with Cleary's vocals and experimental keys recalling early Roxy Music. 

 Now locked in as a band, Strange Parade are already recording a second LP at their home studio in Highland Park. 

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