Very is a solo/instrumental/experimental project of Brian Cleary's.  Very started performing in Boston around 1996, playing at small festivals (Deep Heaven Festival, WZBC Anniversary Fest, etc.). Very has shared stages over the years with Peals (Thrill Jockey), Lightning Bolt, Max Tundra, The Vehicle Birth, Windy & Carl, Hopewell, Oxes and more.



Instrumental project from LA with 3 former members of The Movies:

Stevie Triechel - Drums, 
Marcos Lopez - Guitar, 
Brian Cleary - Keyboards

Tables & Chairs was first formed in 2006. They played several shows in LA over the next few years, recorded a 3-song EP (recorded by Phil Manly of Trans Am) and quickly evaporated into the ether.  In early 2014 when Stevie moved back to LA temporarily, the band reformed for a few "live" improv/recording sessions.  One of those is featured here.