Strange Parade was formed by keyboardist, singer/songwriter Brian Cleary, former keyboardist and occasional co-writer for The Movies (Gern Blandsten/Houston Party) and Radar Brothers (Merge). Cleary started teaching himself piano at the age of 5 and started playing in a punk/new wave/surf band (a Florida band, Locals Only) on his 14th birthday.  

Flash forward to 1999. After college and living back in Boston, Cleary co-formed The Movies, who quickly moved to LA, Cleary following years later, released 3 albums and won LA Weekly’s “Best Rock/Pop Band” in 2005. After they split, Cleary joined Radar Brothers, co-writing songs on “Eight” (Merge) while diving deeper into his own songwriting.   

Strange Parade’s debut, “Between Us All,” features members of his previous bands as well as Eels, Trans Am, DNTEL, Morsel and more. The songs pass through a myriad of sub-genres – all woven together by Cleary’s emotional delivery and direct-yet-bizarre lyricisms. “Between Us All” will be released Oct 4, 2019.   

Now a real band, the lineup features long-time/former Brian Jonestown Massacre drummer Dan Allaire, lap-steel/guitar wiz, Paul Lacques (I See Hawks in LA, Double Naught Spycar) and bassist Ashley Berry. The sound has evolved to a distinctive, swirling-but-driving psychedelic twang, all riding smoothly over Cleary's Eno -esque atmospherics. The band are currently playing around LA and recording their second LP at their studio in Highland Park.   

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LP - BETWEEN US ALL - For Release Sep 2019

Around 2009 after the The Movies dissolved, keyboardist Brian Cleary dove into his own songwriting head first. He was soon offered a slot playing a solo set at the Silver Lake Lounge opening for friends' bands. The set was intended to be his usual experimental/instrumental/largely improv act, Very -- which depends heavily on a delay/looping pedal. The pedal broke the day of the show. Instead or boring a rock crowd at a rock bar with straight piano improv, he decided to try singing, playing a Roxy Music cover and one of his new songs. The set would be interspersed with piano/noise experiments. After the show, a stranger approached him who was ecstatic about the set and in particular the sung songs. As Cleary states, "Friends are practically 'supposed' to do this. When it came from a stranger, I think I actually believed it for the first time." This gave him the idea of recording, maybe forming a band.

Meanwhile, Cleary and former Movies bandmates had been playing out as self-described "post-punk/post-rock jam band," Tables & Chairs. They were joined on bass by friend Jim Putnam, singer/songwriter of Radar Brothers. After the Movies break up, Putnam snagged drummer Stevie Triechel and Cleary for his newly-evolving lineup of the Bros. At the same time, Cleary started recording with fellow Radar, Be Hussey at Comp.ny, Hussey's studio in Burbank. The next few years saw Cleary writing and recording (when he could afford it) while Radars developed and toured for the album "Eight" (Merge Records). 

In 2013-'14, Strange Parade was put on hold while Radar Brothers ramped up on touring (w/ Modest Mouse, Teenage Fanclub, Overseas). In early 2015, after a short move to San Francisco, Cleary spent the next two years writing and recording new material, laying down two songs for the LP with Phil Manley (Trans Am, The F*cking Champs, Life Coach, Terry Gross). Cleary moved back to LA early 2017 and took time forming a new lineup. Meanwhile, he recorded 3 songs with Jim Putnam and 2 older songs w/a previous live line up of the band from before the move to SF; featuring Derek Brown (Eels), Paul Larson (Datamaps, A Minor Canon, Strictly Ballroom) and Seb Bailey (Division Day, Geronimo Getty).

The LP was mixed and played upon by fellow Radar Bro, Ethan Walter and mastered by Paul Dugre.