Strange Parade is a new L.A. band. They have no idea what kind of music they play but hear they play a unique blend of stuff. The band features past & present members of The Movies, Radar Brothers, Brian Jonestown Massacre, I See Hawks in LA, Cass McCoombs  & more.

1st LP slated for Sep 2019 release. 2nd LP is being recorded as we speak.


We won't over-mail you or share your info. Promise. Monthly average. Just shows & releases. You can always cancel. We'll never know.

NOTE: Big Secret/Private Show coming soon. Join to get your spot.

SP @HM157 SAT 8/24 

Come bask under the stars on couches as weirdo psychedelic projections adorn our "quieter" sound with … projections.  

Just RSVP @ link below with your name & and any other people you wanna bring. All are welcome. CD's for sale 1/2 price this night only.    

Details here: